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my unfolding story............

Hello all, I hope you are doing well.

Some of you may remember that I sent my last blog 'reflections' in August, 2019. Also, you may have received an invitation to the exhibition 'Breathing Space' in September, 2019.

If you have been before or it's your first visit to my site, thanks for being here.


Early in 2020 I moved from Melbourne to Rosebud on the Mornington Peninsula, Victoria. I didn't continue the blog. Why, because something else was bubbling up inside!

Living in nature surrounded by ocean and bay beaches and a beautiful country side, is a true inspiration for creativity. Despite being trapped by COVID and lockdowns, in appreciation, it became the perfect opportunity for me to quietly settle and begin to integrate my Art, Spirituality & Healing Practice .

Now, I share with you the re-birth of my endeavours.

If you or anyone else you think may benefit by joining the 'Creative Courage and Freedom Circle' or you may just like to respond, please get in touch

I'd love to talk to you,



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