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Artist Statement

I love being a nomad and I was excited to return to the Northern Territory for a Residency in Batchelor, May to October 2018.  The Dry Season was a perfect opportunity to make large works and experiment with the floor and fluid technique.  I developed the technique for the Master in Fine Art Exhibition ‘Integration’ in Darwin, l998.  


Requirements were simple; a hot dry climate where the water evaporates quickly; a flat concrete floor space to work on;  basic materials, a waterproof tarpaulin, a roll of raw canvas, a supply of acrylic paints, selected colours plus water.  Intention, commitment and focus allowed a free flowing energy from heart to hand for the paintings to manifest and hang freely. 


Canvas was torn, stains of colour poured, pieces of canvas cut out, reversed and reconnected with stitching so that both sides of the canvas spoke.  The pieces hung in a doorway to  be viewed from both sides. 


The work speaks about energy, of freedom, of balance, of flow, of harmony.  Shapes are simple, the colours singing, vibrant and alive.  The cuts in the canvas allow the structure to disengage, the natural light to mingle and merge.  The stitches and loose threads in the canvas suggests the idea of coming together uninhibited.  In other words without control.   


I smiled with joy, gratitude and excitement exclaiming,“these paintings are wise, true, simple, free.”  I realised in this moment of enlightenment that these works fulfilled a long time desire to express in a visual language not only my understanding of ‘feeling’ but also an insight into the meaning of truth, wisdom, simplicity and freedom.  


I wish Hilma af Klint was in my corner when I first began studying painting in 1982.  Needless to say that I am ever grateful to Wassily Kandinsky who is described as one of the fathers of Modernism, also Paul Klee.  Both firmly engaged my interest in the argument ‘spirituality verses materiality‘ and for ever I’ve been captured by ‘modernist aesthetic.‘ 


For more information about my work please visit web pages, vision weave studio, blog and exhibitions.  Each blog is a daily art/work piece and emphasises my belief that creativity is a powerful healing tool.


Patricia Vipond  


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