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For Art Therapists


As a painter-healer, I introduce you to a range of painting and drawing mediums. I demonstrate each medium and we discuss and practice its unique method of application. With a broader range of materials, knowledge and practice on hand, I have noticed that clients become far more responsive in expressing feeling.

For Student Artists


As a painter, and always a student, I understand about stumbling blocks, being stuck, and the many frustrations encountered while striving towards finding balance and flow in art and life. I help student artists develop a consciousness, confidence and clarity about their ongoing practice. I inspire a fresh experience of wisdom and inner knowing.


For Everyone, Young and Old


I’ve been where you are! With my guidance you will start painting and quickly ignite the artist within. I invite you to experience meditation. Your thoughts will shift more naturally from your head into your body. You will begin to notice, sense and describe feeling. Learn about paint and colour. Learn how to relate, translate and express feeling in painting. Get to know and write about your unique responses and much more....................................... 


You are an ‘Artist on Fire’

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