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‘I am passionate about painting and I love colour!


Fifty years ago on my twin sister Jill's wedding day, I felt forlorn, pitifully sad, abandoned and lonely.


A part of me me was taken away!


Tears poured down my cheeks, hands cupped over my mouth, I breathed heavily, slowly, in out, not knowing, feeling the pain of loss.


In the midst of recalling this feeling an image of an earlier painting ‘Finding the Way‘ popped into my mind.


This experience made me begin to reflect on my present life situation. I know that painting has been a powerful healing tool for me.


I learned painting because I wanted to express feeling that was suppressed from childhood. I’d lived like a tapestry, the front in sunshine, the back in shadow, hiding.


At Art School I discovered a visual artist’s language that allowed me to translate and express feeling into paint and colour.


For decades afterwards, I explored, experimented, experienced. I wanted to find a connection between life and painting.


Over time I noticed subtle changes happening. Grey areas were beginning to transform into joy and colour. Also, I began to nurture a meaningful connection with nature and spirit.


Today, I help you find the way to know yourself through the transformative healing magic of paint and colour.

For further information about me see my Artist Statement and Biography

About Me

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